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Fabian Gimpel, born in 1998, Bad Wildungen, also going by the names Habian, trilbibi, or Fabi, is educated by, working in and producing work for the internet. Coming from a religious upbringing, I finally got to experience the full glory of the internet when I freed myself from the shackles imposed by my father, bursting out to the world wide web by the age of 12. Growing up I always had an interest in fine art, being mesmerized by paintings of local artists hanging around my parents house, or even graffiti in cities; my biggest hobby as a child was to draw. Having discovered electronic music on the web, I quickly decided it to be my hyperfixation for years and years to come, downloading a trial version of Fruity Loops at the age of 13 and buying the program at the end of the year and continuing to work with DAWs ever since. Since then my main interests are to dig through online libraries and networks to look for the most unknown stuff that hasn't found its way into popular culture, looking everything up I come across in the process. During my early days on YouTube I discovered a preference for English content over German, incentivising me to get fluent in the English language. Never untrue to my background, I focus on things where I find beauty, in emotion, philosophy and culture.





Starting to use Blender in early 2020, I wanted to tell a short story on the history of my own belief, how a religious background shaped me and influenced me, personally.


The Flesh (2020)

Born like everyone else, in a vessel made of skin, flesh and bones, we start our journey knowing nothing and only existing on a physical plain.


Euphoria 2020 (2020)

Being raised we learn to believe in good things to come, there is few experience and reason to it, but we learn to accept positivity and beauty in life, through a godly power.


Tower of Belief (2020)

Still a child, we begin to think of our own. Having hopes and dreams spiraling skywards, we add goals to our collection, circling around our minds.


The Void (2020)

The day has come where we question what was taught. Having the opportunity to see everything known to man, we realise how futile our existence can be. Crushing down on us, comes the consciousness of what it means to be human, equal to everyone and no greater than a grain of sand, in the view of the cosmos.


Devil in the Detail (2020)

But if we are of no importance, then so are the people living happy lives. We can find back to blissful ignorance, searching for meaning in smaller things, positive and negative in equilibrium.





New Medicine

A soothing visual rhythm taking effect quickly, reminiscent of cough syrup in fresh new colours, marking a new era for me as a digital creator. (2019)


Acting Corny in the 5th Dimension

zapping through universes in the least nifty way. (2019)


Spitting Acid on New Years Morning

Made on the first of January 2020, everything else should be selfexplanatory. (2020)


Candy for the Wizard Cyclops

inspired by Onoe Capones Spells from the Cyclops and a pack of Jolly Ranchers, combining both into a psychedelic land of plenty. (2020)





(Some links just redirect to my SoundCloud because those are unreleased and I ain't giving those away for free no more *100 emoji*)

My Sonical Sketchbook


Sadede (2020)

The track was made as a project for the Soundklasse of KhK WiSe 2019/2020. The challenge for me was to produce a genre I've never produced before, making Raggaton into a highly melodic driven, energetic and distorted four on the floor banger.


Das Pferd (2019)

An experimental Techno/Trap song dealing with body dismorphia and sexual anxiety.


Hundeliebhaber Techno (2019)

A Techno track about a broken heart and how my parents bought a dog.


Für Hethe (2020)

It was on the funeral of my grandmother in early 2020 when I last heard church music again, inspired by the sound of the organ I made a cloudrap song dedicated to my deceased relative. The choice of instruments was based on the music she listened to at home and her Religious beliefs.


Limerence [Euphoria 2020] (2020)

A rework of one of my favourite projects. Eager to relive the feeling of the project I mixed the track again, reworked the sounds and drums for a brighter, faster track.


Queen Margaret Belt (2019)

My favourite track from my unreleased High Fashion Techno EP, it is the quintessential grasp of the aesthetic i was going for with the EP and sets a very laid back mood.


Untitled/Curvbzz (2019)

A dreamy ode to hiphop production, meant for a collaborative mix/album which is yet to happen.







PKO (2019)

The PKO comic (written in german) was the first comic I ever printed. It was made in Paula Bullings comic workshop in 2019, which I was part of as a guest student. It is about artificial intellegence and if we can create a consciousness within a program.


Burritoboy (2020)

This folder contains the first three chapters of the Burritoboy comics (written in German). The series is about nicotine addiction and depression in a kitchen workers world. The events are entirely fictional.